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SEE IT: Climate Activists Glue Themselves to 'The Last Supper'

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As we’ve learned over the course of several decades of modern American history, the art of the protest is something that Democrats and other assorted liberals love to push the envelope on.

Where once we picketed and marched, the left has resorted to literal terrorism at times, using molotov cocktails and taking so-called “autonomous zones” by force.

But there is also a turn toward the bizarre occurring at the moment, particularly among climate activists.  They’ve begun targeting famous works of art, (for some reason), with one such activist recently smearing cake all over the protective glass of The Mona Lisa.

Now, another Da Vinci work has been attacked, again by climate change advocates.

Climate activists with the organization Just Stop Oil are continuing their recent trend of demonstrators gluing their hands to major pieces of art in an effort to stop new fossil fuel projects.

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Lucy Porter, Jessica Agar, and Tristan Strange — all identified in a press release put out by Just Stop Oil — glued themselves to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper this week after spray painting on the wall of London’s Royal Academy: “no new oil.”

The pair had prepared a speech, complete with lazy religious references.

In comments in front of onlookers and cameras, Strange said any new “oil expansion” is a “death sentence” for younger generations” as his hand was glued to Da Vinci’s painting.

“The truth is that any new oil expansion is a death sentence for the future, it’s a death sentence for younger generations, and it’s a death sentence for the nature that has directly inspired art and paintings for thousands of years,” the 40-year-old protester said.

Strange referred to the government as a “climate Judas.”

“Our future is bleaker than ever and still our leaders are lying to us. We have a government which has essentially become a climate Judas. It has betrayed the younger generations,” Strange said.

Video of the incident can be seen below:


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