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SEE IT: Formerly Classified UFO Photo Turning Heads 30 Years Later

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While many have long suggested that the truth is out there, government officials have long been tight-lipped about what they may know in that regard.  At least, until recently.

Over the course of the last few years, a number of governments around the world have been beginning to share their knowledge on the subject of UFO’s, (or “UAP’s”, as the US government was secretly calling them).  This newfound desire for “disclosure” has piqued global interest in the phenomenon, and inspired a great many people in positions of power to begin taking seriously the idea of interstellar or inter-dimensional travel.

This week, a newly declassified photograph from three decades ago is turning heads.

A photo taken by two men who spotted a strange object above Scotland in 1990 has finally been published.

On August 4th of that year, two young chefs had been walking in the Cairngorms National Park near Perth when they spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky nearby.

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Terrified, the men hid behind some bushes to observe the mysterious craft.

The UFO was soon paid a visit by military personnel.

A short time later, they heard the sound of an RAF jet approaching. The plane seemed to change course and circle the UFO for a time before returning to its original course.

Keen to take a photograph, one of the men aimed their camera at the sky and took a few snaps.

A few seconds later, the object flew upwards into the heavens and was gone.

The story continues…

Convinced that they had seen a UFO, the men passed their best photograph along to a local newspaper, however it was promptly handed over to the Ministry of Defense and was never published.

The image would stay classified, in fact, for over 30 years until it turned out that retired RAF officer Craig Lindsay had broken protocol by stashing a copy of it inside his desk.

Now 83, he was only too happy to provide the image so that it could finally see the light of day.

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The photo, which includes what appears to be the aforementioned RAF jet, can be seen below.


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