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SEE IT: Iowa Man Records Strange 'Eyeball' UFO

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This 4th of July weekend, there will be plenty of reasons to be looking upward, but perhaps none will be quite as strange as the reason that one Iowa motorist was staring skyward.

First and foremost, there will be fireworks celebrations occurring from coast to coast, dazzling onlookers with light shows meant to remind us of the “rockets’ red glare” and the “bombs bursting in air”.  Those of us headed to the ballpark will have our necks craned upward in hopes of catching a homer blasting out over the outfield wall, or maybe witnessing an impressive military flyover before first pitch.

And, of course, those of us who are hoping to fire up the grill will be keeping an eye on the skies in order to make sure that the weather is going to cooperate.

But, for one midwest man, something far more peculiar had him staring at the heavens…and he caught it all on video.

A motorist in Iowa was left mystified when he glanced out his window and spotted an odd glowing orb hovering in the night sky. The strange sighting reportedly occurred this past Tuesday evening as witness Jacob Ferrell was driving through the city of Des Moines. “It was like an eyeball-looking UFO,” he recalled to TV station KCCI, “I don’t know what to make of it.” Fortunately, Ferrell had the wherewithal to capture some of the sighting with his cell phone. “It was kind of just hovering there in the sky just standing still,” he marveled, “it was just too weird.”

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Answers regarding the sighting were hard to come by.

Although he suspected that the object might have been something related to SpaceX, Farrell ultimately conceded that he had no idea what the anomaly was. An attempt by KCCI to get to the bottom of the mystery left them without any answers from the FAA. The witness did, however, submit his sighting to the National UFO reporting center and director Peer Davenport told the TV station that “I have no reason to believe it is an alien spacecraft.”

And while skeptics have provided plenty of terrestrial explanations for the spooky images, the video has been uploaded to YouTube so that we can judge for ourselves.


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