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SEE IT: FL Cop Gets Sucker Punched, Receives Help From Passerby

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There is no doubt that the police of America continue to have some of the most dangerous and grueling jobs on all of the planet, and especially so after the last several years’ worth of troubling headlines and social unrest that has been focused on the inexcusable actions of a tiny fraction of the workforce.

This disparity between the scope of the trouble and the scope of the protest has led to an incredibly poor view of police within the mainstream media and pop culture, and is now seemingly putting officers at risk.

The latest anti-police incident to hit the mainstream comes to us from Florida, where one office was sucker-punched by someone pulled over in a traffic stop.

The Florida Highway Patrol is sending its thanks to a group of good Samaritans who came to a trooper’s aid after he was attacked on an interstate in Tampa on Friday.

Dashcam video of the encounter shows the trooper informing the suspect, 24-year-old Alexander Hernandez Delgado, that he can’t walk on the interstate.

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Delgado told the trooper that he’s an artist and was walking on the roadway because his mom kicked him out of the house, the trooper wrote in an arrest report.

The video shows the suspect hitting the trooper in the face before the two go off-camera in the median, where the trooper wrote that Delgado struck him several more times.

But then…

After the trooper tackled Delgado, an 18-wheeler and another car pulled over and several bystanders jumped in to help the officer subdue Delgado.

“The FHP thanks all the Good Samaritans that stopped on I-4, in both directions, on Friday morning, March 18th in Tampa to help our Trooper,” a spokesman for the FHP said in a statement.

Thankfully, the officer only suffered a bloodied nose from the incident.

The dash cam video of the incident can be seen below.


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