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SEE IT: Pilot Makes Harrowing Emergency Landing on Highway

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Stepping onto an airplane and taking to the skies comes with a risk that many of us don’t like to state out loud, but it remains there in the back of our mind regardless.

We would be foolish not to assume that there is an inherent risk in flight.  After all, we’re often tens of thousands of feet above the ground, traveling at incredible speeds, and with a great deal of potential human and mechanical trouble to be found.  Statistically, however, flying is rather safe, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

This week, a novice pilot realized his worst fears as his plane began to malfunction far away from his intended destination, or any airport for that matter.

That’s when he pulled off an extraordinary landing that was captured on video.

A novice pilot on a joyride with his father-in-law was forced to make an expert landing on a North Carolina freeway after the plane’s engine failed over Independence Day weekend.

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Marine Corps. veteran Vince Fraser appeared on Fox News on Monday and said the entire ordeal, from losing power at 5,000 feet to landing safely, lasted just a handful of minutes. Fraser had to fly under power lines and over cars on the freeway in order to make the safe landing.

“When I was coming down, and I saw those power lines and I saw the cars I almost had an out-of-body or out-of-plane experience,” Fraser told Fox News. “I was just trying to observe and take everything in and make adjustments, and just not hit anybody or kill ourselves.”

Fraser’s plane was inspected and repaired, then flown 7 minutes to a nearby airport for a more thorough once-over.

Video of the white knuckle maneuver can be seen below:


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