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SEE IT: US Air Force Releases Statement on 'Sky Penis' Drawn Near Russian Base

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War is an awful and strange thing that human beings do to one another, and certain aspects of it are even awfully strange…especially in this day and age where every machination of any nation can be seen as somehow contributing to the global turbulence, no matter how far from the front lines these events occur.

As if to prove this point, the US Air Force has now been forced to issue a statement regarding an accidentally phallic flight path taken near a Russian base in Syria so as not to allow Moscow to suggest the comical radar image was some sort of veiled threat.

The leadership for U.S. Air Forces in Europe has determined that a KC-135 aerial tanker did not mean to fly in a phallic flight pattern near a Russian base in Syria recently, said USAFE spokesman Capt. Ryan Goss.

“The KC-135 Stratotanker (RAKE71) operating in the Eastern Mediterranean adjusted between multiple different flight tracks during the course of the mission,” Goss said in a recent statement. “While these adjustments and movements appear to create a vulgar outline, there was no intent by the pilots or the unit to do so. As we continue to look into this, USAFE-AFAFRICA, AMC [Air Mobility Command] and the USAF will continue to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and airmanship.”

So, what exactly happened?

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Earlier this week, the aircraft took off from Chania International Airport and flew east of Cyprus. FlightRadar24, a flight tracking service, shows that the KC-135’s flight path included an oval and two circles, prompting the Italian newspaper la Repubblica to speculate that the plane had drawn a sky penis in front of Russia’s naval base in Tartus, Syria.

Images of the incidentally vulgar flight path were soon trending on Twitter.


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