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Sen. Gillibrand Slammed For Inability to Get Things Done. She Cries 'Sexism.' Her Opponents Response is Awesome.

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is running for reelection in a relatively safe place for Democrats in New York, however, the GOP opponent she’s facing down has been taking her to the woodshed over her hypocrisy, which includes whiney claims of sexism.

It’s always refreshing to have someone out there calling the left out on their ridiculous standards and their cheap attempts to change the conversation so they don’t have to answer the tough questions about their failures on the job.

Chele Farley has been saying that Gillibrand hasn’t been an effective senator because none of the bills she’s introduced have become law. When President Donald Trump made a similar attack on Gillibrand’s effectiveness, the New York Senator cried sexism.

“She’s been up to my office looking for campaign contributions,” Trump said at a fundraising event for Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney, echoing an attack he tweeted last December. “And she’s very aggressive on contributions. But she’s not aggressive on getting things done.”

Gillibrand first reacted on Twitter, tying Trump’s remarks to her gender.

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“The president refuses to acknowledge the work I’ve gotten done,” Gillibrand said. “Sound familiar ladies?”

Gillibrand later made an appearance on CBS where she continued to push the notion that President Trump was making sexist comments and remarks about her. She told “Face The Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan, “It’s intended to be a sexist smear intended to devalue, to denigrate me, as he’s done to women across the board.”

Farley was not about to let Gillibrand get away with this nonsense, so she called her out for it:

“Crying sexism because President Trump assailed her failed record as a Senator, the exact same claims I have made throughout this campaign, is an insult to women who have endured real abuse,” Farley said in a press release. “The fact is that it took almost 12 years for Gillibrand to pass one bill: the renaming of a post office. That is her record.”

Nicely put.

It seems like whenever someone has the gumption to hold a leftist politician accountable for their actions, or in this case, lack thereof, these folks immediately cry racism or sexism. Why is that?

Simply put, it gives them a diversion to keep people from focusing on the important issues, like their inability to make any real progress in office and deliver on the promises they made on the campaign trail. Maybe one day these folks will get a clue, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Source: The Daily Wire

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