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Sen. Marco Rubio Says It's Bad to Use 'F-Word,' Media Totally Loses Its Mind

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In case you haven’t noticed, the left is really good at taking non-issues and blowing them out of proportion, spewing all sorts of ridiculous emotionalism all over their audience.

A good case in point is how liberal media is losing their minds on Sen. Marco Rubio, launching attack after attack on him for stating that it’s bad to use the “f-word.”

Yes, in our day and age, even something as innocent as believing there’s an inappropriate time to use explicit language gets you mercilessly attacked by the dying liberal apparatus in our culture.

Last week, Rubio expressed his frustration with the f-word being “routinely used in news stories, tweets etc.”

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Many in the media are insinuating that this tweet was meant to subtly criticize a survivor of the Capital Gazette shooting, Selene San Felice, who went on CNN claiming she “couldn’t give a f*** about the offer of prayers, if there’s nothing else.”

There is no confirmation that his Tweet had anything to do with the interview or whether Rubio even saw the interview.

Without basis, technology outlet Mashable published an article claiming that Rubio “is more concerned about a naughty word used in a news report” than he is about the most recent mass shooting. The author of the article simply melts down and recommends seven things Rubio should be “more worried about than whether or not someone said the word ‘f***’ in a news report.”

“Get the f**k on it, Marco,” the article concludes (although the article had the f-word spelled out).

Rubio has earned a reputation for being someone who isn’t at all ashamed to stand up for his values and beliefs, as you can see from this brief snapshot of his Twitter account:

Rubio hasn’t backed down from his stance either:

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At the end of the day, this is such a non-issue that the media deserves to be the butt of jokes and brutal mockery for even attacking Rubio over it. I

f you’re a professional journalistic news outlet, have some decency and not use foul language in your articles. It makes you look uneducated.

Sure, there can be a legitimate use for strong language in certain situations, but when it’s used so nonchalantly it loses its power, a lesson these folks have yet to learn.

Source: The Daily Wire

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