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Serial Bank Robber Sought by FBI After 11-Scores in a Row

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We all love a good caper don’t we?  The heist of the week, or some other equally-as-benign tale of overachieving criminals.

This is why Ocean’s Eleven is popular.  Andy why James Bond is a thing.  We love the seat of your pants suave of the infallible character.  Its the sort of suspension of disbelief that you carry through any movie with Indiana Jones in it. It’s the blind faith that, no matter what, our antagonist is going to get away with it.

But, back in real life, there are times in which the bad guy falls into such a fortuitous, rhythmic loop.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a serial bank robber believed to be responsible for 11 heists across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont.

The unidentified suspect was nicknamed the “Route 91 Bandit” after committing the robberies in various cities and towns along the I-91 corridor, which stretches 290 miles north to south from Connecticut to Vermont, the FBI said.

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The agency warned that the suspect has threatened the use of a gun and should be considered armed and dangerous.

His trouble was widespread.

“He’s robbed 11 banks via note, has threatened a weapon in many of them and tried to gain access to a vault in many of the robberies,” FBI Boston Supervisory Special Agent Christian Fierabend told WMUR-TV.

The robberies span from Sept. 9 to Jan. 27.

Photos of the Route 91 Bandit have blanketed the internet of late, and those who may come in contact with him are advised to treat him as though he is armed and dangerous.


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