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Service Dog Spots Fallen Man Trapped in 'A Foot Of Deep Slimy Mud,' Alerts Deaf Owner

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Service dogs are invaluable tools for their owners. Not only are they excellent companions, but they have received specialized training to assist with a variety of different medical concerns.

Edgar is a black cockapoo trained by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. He completed his training in 2019 and has been living with a deaf man named John.

John has found Edgar’s help indispensable — but recently, Edgar proved that not only is he alert and aware of his master’s needs, but he can also spot an emergency elsewhere.

As John and Edgar went for their usual walk at a park in London, United Kingdom, at some point the service dog began behaving quite unusually.

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“On our morning walk, I had passed a pedestrian bridge that is closed for repair when Edgar started barking,” John said, according to a post by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

“He ran towards me and then stopped and turned around and continued barking.”

In a classic Lassie-style move, Edgar was trying to let John know something was wrong. When John approached his dog and followed him, he realized what the matter was.

“He wouldn’t come when I called, so I followed him back to the bridge and saw a man lying on the edge of the brook in about a foot of deep slimy mud — he could not get purchase to move,” John said.

The bridge had been closed for some time as it was in disrepair and in desperate need of renovation.

According to the Mirror, the man had been climbing along the outside edge of the damaged bridge and lost his footing, falling into the water below.

The bank was slippery and the man — who one commenter said was also elderly — was truly trapped, unable to remove himself from the slick situation.

Thankfully, John was able to use another tool he had with him to assist in the man’s rescue without himself becoming trapped in the mud.

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“I passed the gentleman the loop end of Edgar’s dog lead and pulled him out,” John continued. “Without Edgar raising the alarm and leading me back, I would have walked home hearing nothing. Thankfully, the man was unhurt, although covered in mud, but it was a bitterly cold day.”

With Edgar and John’s help, the man was able to get free and return to safety. John has made it very clear that the hero in this story was Edgar.

While many have commented on the original post to congratulate the hero pup, no one has been as lavish with praise as John.

“Edgar was remarkable that day and I am immensely proud of him. I also have extra respect for Hearing Dogs and added confidence knowing that Edgar recognises an emergency and would call the alarm if ever I needed it. He certainly has made such a difference to my life since he joined me two years ago.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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