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Several Capitol Officers Under Investigation for Actions on January 6th

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There were plenty of shocking and confounding images broadcast to the nation on January 6th, 2021, not the least of which involved police officers who were caught in the fray as supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol.

Of these nigh-unbelievable scenes playing out before us, perhaps none were as stunning as those depicting officers willingly allowing the mob to enter the building, holding open doors and removing barricades, taking selfies with the rioters, and even calmly helping them down the steeper portions of the Capitol stairs.

Now, several officers involved in this behavior are under investigation.

The U.S. Capitol Police said Saturday it has recommended disciplinary action in six cases after an internal review of officer behavior stemming from the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility opened 38 internal investigations and was able to identify 26 of the officers involved, the police said in a statement. It said in 20 of the cases, no wrongdoing was found.

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However, the police said “violations were sustained and disciplinary action was recommended” for six of the cases — including three for “conduct unbecoming,” one for failure to comply with directions, one for “improper remarks” and one for “improper dissemination of information.”

It was unclear in the statement whether a case was an individual officer or if an officer could be cited in more than one case. Names of the officers involved and details about the behavior or actions that led to the alleged violations were not made public.

The strange, capitulatory behavior had spawned several conspiracy theories in the immediate wake of the attempted insurrection, with many observers wondering if the behavior of these officers was indicative of some sort of “inside job”.


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