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Several GOP Senators Were Doxxed During Kavanaugh Hearing Thursday. Here’s What That Means.



Lindsey Graham

Three GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee where doxxed on Thursday during the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, yet another desperate move from the unhinged left to punish someone for daring to hold a different view of the world than their own.

Sens. Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, and Mike Lee all had their phone numbers and home addresses posted on Wikipedia for a brief period of time.

While the Washington Post was able to confirm most of the addresses and phone numbers as being legitimate, at least one listed as Graham’s home phone number was actually the number for an LGBT advocacy group.

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On Twitter, White House spokesman Raj Shah called this “outrageous” and urged those involved to “[p]lease stop.”

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“It’s shocking that someone would post Senator Hatch and other Judiciary Committee Republicans’ home addresses online, putting their families at risk,” Matt Whitlock, a spokesman for Hatch told TheBlaze. “That it happened as they were asking questions in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing is just another indication of how broken this process has become.”

The Wikipedia pages for all three senators show that they were edited yesterday, and then those edits were quickly undone by Wikipedia administrators. The edits were also locked so that people with editor status cannot go back and view the original edits.

The edits to Hatch’s page were up for 25 minutes. the ones to Lee’s page were up for two minutes. Graham’s page seems to have been corrected almost immediately. All these changes were made between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

According to the Post, the Twitter bot @congressedits, which automatically tweets any Wikipedia article edited from any congressional IP addresses, tweeted out all three of these pages. The account said that the pages were “edited anonymously from US House of Representatives.”

What this means is that whoever doxxed the senators had to have done so while using the internet at the U.S. Capitol. Now, this doesn’t mean it was a member of Congress who did it, but it had to have been someone present at that location.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Source: TheBlaze

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Activists Get Ready To Storm DC In Protests Set For Independence Day Weekend



Liberals are determined to try and ruin Independence Day celebrations this year in any way they can, such as showing up en masse in Washington, D.C., to hold protests and demonstrations to supposedly end racism or something of that nature. This, of course, is more of the same old thing we’ve been seeing for weeks now across the country in light of the death of George Floyd. Lots of rioting, looting, and burning things, all in the name of ending police brutality. Feel free to roll your eyes now. Rather than celebrate the fact we live in a wonderfully free country with the best innovation on the planet, these folks would rather stand outside and shout pathetic slogans in an attempt to recapture the faded and completely unnecessary flames of the 1960s Civil Rights movement. I say unnecessary because the Civil Rights movement succeeded. There’s no more systemic racism, no matter how hard folks try to craft a narrative and say there is. Here’s more from The Washington Examiner: Activists in the most high profile of these events plan to protest the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park. The memorial, which leaders of the local collective the Freedom Neighborhood claimed they would topple last week, has become a subject of national interest, with many people making a case both for and against the statue. Glenn Foster, the leader of the Freedom Neighborhood, has promoted multiple protests against the memorial set for the days surrounding the July 4 weekend. In some of his material, he celebrated the fact that on Tuesday the Boston Arts Commission voted to remove an identical copy of the statue, which depicts President Abraham Lincoln freeing the slave Archer Alexander, from public display. The movement has received support from D.C. public officials. Shadow Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton on…

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Nike Yanks Redskins Merch From Website As Team Sponsors Demand Name Change



The PC police are at it again, folks. With the racial tensions in America reaching new heights in light of the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement officers, those who are obsessed with finding racism under every rock and around every corner have once again, for the umpteenth time, set their sights on the Washington Redskins professional football team. Nike, the world’s most popular shoe and sports merchandises brand, has pulled all products related to the Redskins team as sponsors for the Redskins demand that the team change its name to something a little less offensive. Good grief. Here’s more from The Washington Examiner: Searches for Washington Redskins apparel on Nike’s website yielded no results Thursday night, the day after 87 investment firms sent letters to three Redskins sponsors, Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo, urging them to end their relationships with the team if it did not change its name, according to Fox Business. “In light of the Black Lives Matter movement that has focused the world’s attention on centuries of systemic racism, we are witnessing a fresh outpouring of opposition to the team name,” the firms said to Nike in the letter. “Therefore, it is time for Nike to meet the magnitude of this moment, to make their opposition to the racist team name clear, and to take tangible and meaningful steps to exert pressure on the team to cease using it.” FedEx specifically holds the naming rights to the team’s home stadium, and the company CEO holds a minority ownership in the franchise. Owner of the Redskins, Daniel Snyder, has been hit time and time again over his choice to keep the name of the team the same, as folks on the left claim it’s offensive to Native Americans. However, Snyder has refused to…

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