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Sharp-Eyed CNN Viewers Spot Telling Change Occurring Behind Biden During Prime Time Address

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President Joe Biden’s use of dark red imagery in his Thursday Independence Hall speech may have been subtly altered in CNN’s broadcast.

The establishment media cable news channel appeared to adjust the dark-red lighting to a more pleasant tone.

At one moment in CNN’s broadcast of the speech, the tone of the lighting changed within seconds.

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The red coloration of stripes on the American flag appeared to shift to a lighter, more purple tone.

Biden delivered attacks on “MAGA Republicans” in the speech, referring to them as a threat to American democracy.

The president mentioned “MAGA Republicans” ten times, making further references to “MAGA forces” and “MAGA ideology.”

The optics of the speech — delivered outside the building in which American patriots signed the Declaration of Independence — drew criticism for its harsh tone.

Did you spot this change in real time?

Some viewers questioned the use of dark red lighting in the speech, describing the imagery as authoritarian.

Biden appeared in front of two Marines in the speech.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized Biden’s use of a “hellish red background” in the fiery address, according to Fox News.

The lighting even drew comparisons to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany — two brutal dictatorships that made use of red colors in state imagery.

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Contrasting images before and after the apparent lighting change appear to demonstrate a change in CNN’s broadcast settings.

Sped-up video of the segment of Biden’s speech in question appears to demonstrate the color change even more clearly.

CNN hasn’t responded to the claims it changed the coloration of its broadcast of the speech.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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