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SHE'S BACK: Clinton Sparks 2024 Rumors with Speaking Engagement

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It has become fairly obvious that the Democratic Party is in need of a drastic change of direction in the coming months, at least if they’re looking to have any success whatsoever in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 election.  Unfortunately, they just keep banging their head against the same spot in the wall, prompting many observers to suggest that a massive “red wave” is coming to Washington.

Their stubborn obliviousness is obvious in the way that President Joe Biden and his team have assured us time and again that he and Kamala Harris will be running for office again, as a duo, in 2024.  Anyone’s who has taken a good, hard look at Biden’s approval rating should be able to explain why this is an ostensibly bad idea.

Now, in a peculiar twist to the tale, it appears as though perennial Democratic Presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton is stoking fears that she could be preparing to enter the far-off race – something that will have progressive Democrats shaking their fists.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is slated to speak at the New York State Democratic Convention next week, according to sources who spoke to CNBC.

“She’s beloved by the mainstream members of the Democratic Party and her popularity is likely higher than that of President Biden,” a person familiar with the arrangement told the outlet. “It’s good for her because it keeps her relevant, and her appearance is likely meant to galvanize the party and the audience.”

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But some in Democratic circles were being dodgy about it.

Chris Melnyczuk, who is chief of staff to New York State Democratic Party chair Jay Jacobs, said the party “reached out to a number of people to speak and, you know, we’re waiting back on confirmation from a number of people. So there are a few things in the works.”

“We’ve reached out to a number of folks, we’re not going to say who we’ve reached out to,” he added regarding whether Clinton had been invited.

Rumors of a potential Clinton resurgence have been swirling in Washington of late, thanks in no small part to the historically poor performance of Joe Biden.

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