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SHOCK POLL: Radical Dem Has Highest Favorability for 2024

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The Democrats have found themselves in quite the pickle, after somehow convincing Joe Biden to run for President and then also convincing the party to somehow elect him.

Now, with only a few scant years to right the ship, there are serious concerns about whether or not Biden would be an appropriate, (or mentally capable), candidate for reelection in 2024.  Worse still, Biden has consistently declared that this, in fact, his intention, forcing more than a few of his Democratic colleagues to begin backing away from him.

To further add to the issue, a number of new polls are suggesting that Biden is not the strongest candidate for the Democrats in 2024.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) clocked in with the highest favorability rating among a list of 23 potential 2024 presidential contenders, according to a new USA Today-Ipsos poll.

Forty-six percent of respondents said they had at least a somewhat favorable view toward Sanders, while 41 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion.

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President Biden had the second-highest favorability rating at 43 percent, although his unfavorability rating was notably higher than Sanders’s, with 52 percent of those surveyed saying they had an unfavorable opinion of the president. Former President Trump clocked in with the same ratings as Biden.

And also:

Vice President Harris and former Vice President Mike Pence both received favorable ratings from at least 40 percent of respondents, earning the third- and fourth-highest figures among the candidates, respectively.

Senator Sanders has made multiple attempts to secure the Democratic nomination in recent years, but has been stymied by his reputation for coddling socialism and a Democratic Party that appears willing to do whatever it takes to stop him.

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