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Six-Year-Old Invites 30 Kids to Birthday Party, But None of Them Come. When This Sports Team Finds Out, Everything Changes.

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Whenever a parent plans a birthday party for their child and invites other kids to come attend, there’s always a fear, deep inside the heart, that no one will show up and a heartbroken child will be left feeling rejected and worthless.

What is most parent’s nightmare became one family’s reality after a six-year-old invited 30 kids to his party and not a single one of them showed up. Teddy, the child in our story, gave invitations to his 32 kindergarten classmates and their parents to join him and his family at Peter Piper Pizza in Tuscon, Arizona.

“I’m done with parties for a while,” Mazzini quipped to the station following the en masse no show. But she did snap a photo of Teddy at the table alone, save for uneaten pizza and paper plates with no one sitting in front of them.

Mazzini told KSAZ-TV that she made goodie bags for his classmates, each containing an invite — and that the day prior to the party she even spoke to some of parents who said they’d be there.

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“His birthday was actually October 3rd, but because his dad works in Alaska and was able to come the 18th, I organized the whole party for the 21st,” she told KSAZ.

Mazzini told KNXV the family planned to celebrate Teddy’s birthday Monday night by reading birthday wishes that poured in from social media users after a Tuscon reporter posted photos of Teddy alone at this own party.

What’s more, the Phoenix Rising soccer team invited Teddy to its playoff game Friday, KNXV reported, adding that a team spokesperson said fans reached out to the club wanting to know how they could help out — with some even offering to buy a customized jersey for Teddy.

As if that’s not cool enough, the Phoenix Suns invited Teddy and his family out to their game against the Lakers on Wednesday. How cool is that?

Isn’t it just simply awesome to see folks come together to do something nice for a young man who no doubt was feeling pretty awful about what happened?

Let’s hope that the teacher of his class makes his classmates offer him an apology for treating him the way they did. And those parents ought to be ashamed of themselves for the poor example they set for their children by not having any of them attend.

Source: TheBlaze

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