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Skittles Sued Over Potential Toxic Ingredient

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For years now, Skittles has been marketing itself as the weird candy, with commercials that resemble a maniac’s fever dream.  But now the candy company could find itself unique in another, far more toxic way.

The small fruit-flavored candies are at the center of a peculiar lawsuit these days, and it could prove that Skittles have been carrying a potentially deadly secret with them.

A California man is suing Mars, Inc., claiming Skittles are “unfit for human consumption” due to one questionable ingredient.

Jenile Thames, the consumer, filed the lawsuit in Oakland Thursday, according to TODAY.

Court documents claim the candy contains “heightened levels” of titanium dioxide, or TiO2. Though, Mars, Inc. said it is well aware of the chemical but says it follows the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines.

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The company did admit to using the substance.

In a statement to TODAY, a company spokesperson said, “While we do not comment on pending litigation, our use of titanium dioxide complies with FDA regulations.”

The lawsuit states that the company knew of the health problems the chemical poses and tried to phase it out of the candy’s ingredients in Feb. 2016. However, the company has failed to do so.

The lawsuit alleges that the toxin can alter a person’s DNA as well.

Thames is seeking damages for fraud and for violations of California’s consumer protection laws.

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