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Small Dog Dies and Woman Left Wounded After Two Large Dogs Attack, Owner Now Facing Charges

Western Journal



Last month, 31-year-old Amanda Ingram of Palatine, Illinois, took her west highland white terrier, Casper, out for an evening walk.

At some point, they encountered a woman walking two large dogs, a pit bull mix and an Akita mix. The woman lost control of the dogs, and they both rushed Casper.

Ingram tried to protect her dog, using her own body to shield him. It did not stop the attacking pair.

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“[I] picked him up and shielded him against the car, knowing that he was about to attack, and then another dog came,” Ingram told WMAQ-TV. “They were playing tug of war with him and at that point, I couldn’t stand anymore. So, I was on the ground.”

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Ingram walked away with scrapes, bruises and two broken fingers. Police took Casper to Golf Rose Animal Hospital, where he died.

“I was screaming out loud and no one was helping,” Ingram recalled. “I’m staying with family right now because I don’t want to stay over there. I can see exactly where it happened from where I live.”

“No one should have to see their child torn apart in front of them while they’re also being attacked,” Ingram added to WGN-TV.

Shortly after the two large dogs attacked Ingram and Casper, they set their sights on another walker and his small white dog. They attacked them, too, and that small dog was also taken to Golf Rose but is expected to recover.

It was around 6:50 when the police were called. They determined that the woman walking the dogs, 32-year-old Julia Paulino, failed “to secure the dogs on a proper collar,” which was at least partly why they were able to get away from her.

Paulino was arrested, charged with four counts of reckless conduct and released on a recognizance bond, according to WBBM-FM.

The owner of the two large dogs, 22-year-old Melenia Teodoro (who is related to Paulino), has been cited for 13 ordinance violations, which include citations for her dogs biting people, biting other animals and running at large.

Both Ingram and the other dog owner were taken to the Arlington Heights Northwest Community Hospital after sustaining non-life-threatening injuries.

The pit bull mix and the Akita mix were taken to Golf Rose, where they are under observation.

Ingram is pursuing a lawsuit. Mike Schostok of Salvi, Schostock & Pritchard is representing her and said that what Ingram went through is “unimaginable.”

“Her dog of 11 years was killed right before her eyes by two much larger dogs. I don’t know about you but that’s pretty unimaginable,” he said. “I can’t fathom having to go through that.

“They then went on to another victim — another innocent dog walker and his dog. That’s the most unique thing about this.”

Ingram hopes that this story and the resulting legal actions she’s taking will help solve a problem that many see in the area.

“There needs to be change,” she said. “This has been a continuous problem in this village, and nothing’s being done.

“So many people have reached out, saying they know this is a concern, and nothing has been done.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


Tyranny: Concerned Parents Arrested After School Board Cuts Off Comments on Trans, CRT Policies

Western Journal



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Western Journal



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