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Socialism and Gun Control Are Losing Lottery Tickets in Las Vegas

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No one can be quite sure if politics will ever be the same after this, the Trump Era.

Certainly, we have already discovered that we will no longer have elections like those we saw in the past, either, with the 2016 circus still continuing to this very day in the Robert Mueller investigation and the “resistance” movement.

The coming 2020 election is shaping up to be no less frenzied than the 2016 contest, although the democrats are the group who’ve convinced themselves to try the “spaghetti on the wall” method of choosing a nominee:  Throw the entire party at the wall and see what sticks.

This isn’t exactly the sort of shrewd, political nuance that has bookies in Las Vegas sweating, either.  This “spray and pray” method of leading your party has left the oddsmakers with only one real choice.

The entry of Sen. Bernie Sanders and 11 other White House challengers has not changed the gambling odds on the expectation that President Trump will win re-election.

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The latest odds, taken after Sanders joined the 2020 race on Tuesday, put Trump as a 3-2 lock to win re-election followed most closely by Sen. Kamala Harris, at 10-1.

And the odds of Sanders winning didn’t budge despite announcing his race, said Dave Mason, the sportsbook brand manager of

In a cruel twist of irony for the doomed democrats, a recent poll showed that they had two frontrunners in a dead heat for 2020.

The problem is that neither of these candidates is currently even running a campaign.  One has even flatly said “no”.

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