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Some of the Media’s Biggest Fake News Failures in January

And to think…we still have a week left of January.



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The national left-wing media has an awful lot of egg on its face this month. From failed BuzzFeed stories to their ill-informed attack on the Covington school kids, the media has made a hash of nearly every big story it tried to push in this, the first month of the year.

One of the biggest media debacles this month was the failed report put out by BuzzFeed “News.” The story BuzzFeed tried to sell claimed that President Donald Trump told his underling to lie to investigators about a hotel deal he was trying to negotiate in Russia. This, BuzzFeed claimed, was a felony and was all the liberals needed to impeach Trump.

Only a day or so went by before Special Counsel Mueller’s office put out a special message saying that BuzzFeed’s “blockbuster” story was untrue.

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But for a few days, the fake news story was a major revelation for left-wing “journalists” such as Chuck Todd and CNN’s Jake Tapper. All the lefty talking heads went wild claiming that Trump was finally finished.

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Then, BuzzFeed’s story fell apart.

It was a total fail.

But that was only one of the media’s many failures this month.

Next came the media’s total lack of coverage of the March for Life. Over 100,000 people came out in Washington D.C. to support the pro-life message. But the media ignored the whole thing. Meanwhile the media obsessed over the dwindling Women’s March events that probably didn’t see 100,000 participants in events in cities spread all across the country.

Then there was the Covington Catholic kids. The media completely lied about these kids after a video broke across the media that was edited to paint a bunch of Kentucky teenagers as MAGA hat-wearing racists. After the media spent a whole day smearing these kids as racists, the full video came out and it ended up showing that it was the kids who were the victims.

The formerly conservative National Review was also a loser over the Covington kids. The magazine immediately condemned the kids just like its buddies in the liberal media. But then the truth came out and the magazine first tried to make its condemnation disappear by deleting its original story Worse, it then posted a new story that attacked the media for its failed reaction to the incident as if their own pages never attacked the kids, too.

Eventually the never Trump magazine had to admit that they, too, fell for the lies and had to apologize for their foolishness.

Big fail for the one-time conservative thought leader.

Next up, CNN’s Kirsten Powers also let this Covington incident turn her into a laughing stock. On Wednesday, Powers jumped to Twitter to laughingly make journalists the victim in the Covington story. “This ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ story captures the real lesson of this episode—don’t succumb to orchestrated harassment campaigns against journalists,” she tweeted.


Not to be outdone, the Catholic Church also made a fool of itself by immediately condemning the school kids without taking a single minute to investigate to find out what really happened.

So, the Catholics can stay silent for decades about priests molesting children, but it didn’t spend even a day before painting the Covington kids are abject racists.

Then there was the effort by the media to destroy Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, merely because she is a Christian. And the refusal of the media to hold Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for saying that she hoped God would destroy Israel or Dem. Rep. Rashida Tlaib for lining up with the boycott Israel movement.

Yep, the media has failed over and over again this month. And we are only just over half way through the month.

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