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SpaceX Live Feed Mystery as Triangular Object Appears Before Camera Cut

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There are two things that many of us can be certain of:  Our government has a whole lot of toys that we don’t know about, and that there are a bunch of kooks out there who believe they have the answers.

Surely, somewhere within the Venn diagram of these two realities, there is a bit of overlap.  There are undoubtedly people out there telling the truth about their experience in secretive military installations, but there are a whole lot of folks who are exploiting the average person’s belief in these stories for profit.  One of the most controversial of these figures, a man named Bob Lazar, was the focus of a 2018 documentary on the subject of America’s supposed “black budget” military operations that has been receiving widespread success.

Now, I know what plenty of you are thinking:  Is he really going there?

Normally I wouldn’t, but a piece of footage from the SpaceX live feed this week is perplexing even the most staunch skeptical minds.

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A MYSTERIOUS object has been spotted on the SpaceX Dragon’s live feed bearing similarities to an infamous “spy plane”, before the live feed was reportedly “cut”.

The cargo spacecraft was on its way to the International Space Station when eagle-eyed viewers noticed something strange on the SpaceX live feed.

Conspiracy duo Blake and Brett Cousins shared the discovery on their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, with Blake claiming the footage “could change history”.

In the video, a large dark triangular object moves past the SpaceX Dragon, floating upwards into the atmosphere at a startling speed.

Of course, you’ll want to take a look at the video to see for yourself:

As for the TR3B back story, that’s where I draw the conspiracy theory line.  You’re free to head down that immense rabbit hole at your leisure.


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