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Spacey’s Bizarre Interaction with Photographer Has Conspiracy Theorists Buzzing

While the conspiracy theories out there are INSANE, Kevin Spacey seems to be deliberately promoting them.



Kevin Spacey

The wide world of conspiracy theories have been at the forefront of the mainstream media as of late, thanks in no small part to the efficacy of the internet in exchanging information.

After all, you only need a wee bit of information to concoct a conspiracy theory of any kind.  You see, these “theories” don’t adhere to the scientific definition of a “theory” at all.  Instead, with modern conspiracy theories, you already have the answers; your job is simply to make up the questions.

In the case of the infamous “PizzaGate” theory, the bizarre answer that theorists were working toward was that Hillary Clinton and other “global elites” were secretly partaking in filthy and depraved acts with children at such a frequency that they used coded messages in government emails in order to speak freely about their perversions.

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Yes, that is what some people really think.

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So, in order to prove their already-made conclusion correct, the internet’s loudest and most vocal conspiracy theorists began looking for “codes” in the Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign emails and, just how “ghost hunters” always find “ghosts” on their TV shows, the conspiracy theorists found the word “pizza”.

I’ll leave you to research it from there; otherwise we run the risk of catching flak from fact-checkers who can’t tell the difference between promoting this sort of nonsense or exposing it.  But, this is where “PizzaGate” comes from.

Kevin Spacey unfortunately, due to his previously disclosed pedophilia, fits into this vast-ranging hyperbole as well, having been friends with the Clintons for decades.  Now as he awaits trial on other sexual assault charges, he has released a bizarre video that plays much like a threat.

With the internet already abuzz about “Let Me Be Frank”, and the all of the supposed “hidden symbolism”, Spacey’s latest public appearance has these internet-dwellers practically foaming like rabid beasts.

A pizza?  Really?  Is Spacey actively promoting these bizarre and unfathomable theories found in the delusional corners of the internet?  Is he attempting to pull some wild, Kaufman-esque resurgence via the dark side of the web?

While the theories out there are certainly bonkers, Spacey seems neither oblivious nor nonchalant.  The “Let Me Be Frank” bit was far too deliberate for that.

If nothing else, Spacey is just being entertaining…which is truly all he knew how to do.

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