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SPOOKY: iPhone Interrupts Ted Cruz During Diatribe Against Big Tech

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In the back of our minds, many of us have a very real fear of just how far Big Tech can go.  The advancements made in AI and the digital realm are downright disturbing at times, and continue to evolve at an exponential rate in the 21st century.

This means that, sooner rather than later, some seriously invasive situations could be beaming over the horizon, at whatever speed of bandwidth that you can afford.

During a diatribe against these companies, and their hard-left leadership, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was interrupted by his own telephone, in a moment that was equally prescient and creepy.

Siri, Apple’s iconic AI virtual assistant, appeared to not be satisfied with Sen. Ted Cruz’s attacks on Big Tech while he sat down with Fox News for an interview.

Cruz, R-Texas, who was among several Republican lawmakers who spoke at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix this week, declared Big Tech “the single greatest threat to free speech” and “free and fair elections in America.”

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“Big Tech, they are hard left. They’re not just Democrats. They’re to the left of the Democratic Party. And they’re trying to drive the Democratic Party left,” Cruz told Fox News Digital on Monday. “And, you know, listen, I’m someone who believes in free speech.”

And then…

“Something went wrong. Please try again,” Siri interrupted from inside Cruz’s jacket pocket.

Cruz was quick to quip back, making sure to appease the virtual helper with a “Sorry there, Siri”.

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