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After Stacey Abrams Shamelessly Tells 'The View' 'I Have Never Denied That I Lost,' She's Brutally and Quickly Exposed as a Liar

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Stacey Abrams won the hearts of Democrats everywhere by refusing to admit she ever lost Georgia’s gubernatorial election. But in the wake of the left’s new “election denial is treason” mantra, she is suddenly trying to make it seem as if her famed election-denying never happened.

Abrams, who never did officially concede that she lost the 2018 gubernatorial election to Republican Brian Kemp, appeared on the radical, left-wing ABC midday show “The View” on Wednesday and made a disingenuous attempt to squirm out of her record of election-results denial.

Indeed, she waved off accusations that she is an election denier by claiming, “I’m not delusional.”

Panel member Sunny Hostin broached the subject, saying, “When you lost in 2018, you didn’t traditionally concede — which I appreciated, because you cited voter suppression. Are you confident that this will be a free and fair … election, and not a repeat performance of what happened before?”

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With that question, Hostin showed why the left fell in love with an election denier. Despite a complete lack of any evidence, Abrams screamed “voter suppression” when she lost the governor’s race four years ago. And to this day, leftists love her for refusing to concede.

But Abrams tried to have it both ways in her answer on “The View.” She went into a twisted explanation, saying that she is not “delusional” about winning, but then stuck with her never-proven claims of “voter suppression.”

“So, I appreciate the question and the framing,” Abrams said in reply. “I have never denied that I lost; I don’t live in the governor’s mansion — I would have noticed.”

Do you think the election was stolen from Abrams?

She also admitted that there is video of her saying she actually won the election: “There’s this clip that’s going around and it shows me saying that we won.”

Then she tried to squirm out of her own words and wave off her election denial.

“But I’m not delusional, just so that’s clear,” Abrams exclaimed. “But what we know is that the issues that we raised in ’18, the fact that 214 precincts were shut down, the 53,000 people had their voter registrations held hostage, that 1.4 million people were purged — including half a million people who simply had chosen not to vote — that we were able to tackle that because we raised the issues.”

She then insisted that, “I acknowledge that [Kemp] won,” according to The Daily Wire.

This, though, is not exactly true. She never formally conceded and has always maintained she was robbed of the governor’s mansion.

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Proving that she is still an election denier, even as she tried to explain she isn’t an election denier, Abrams added, “but I will never say that a system that is broken — that denied people their right to vote — is the right thing to have in the state and as part of democracy.”

To highlight her lies, several people jumped to Twitter to show how Abrams lied, despite twisting herself into a pretzel to squirm out of her election-denying.

Abrams is living proof of the Democrats’ double standard. While they want to accuse MAGA Republicans of “treason” and working to “destroy our democracy” over questions about the 2020 election, they praise and support Stacey Abrams for doing the same thing, despite a lack of any credible proof of her accusation of “voter suppression” in Georgia.

In fact, voting data shows that voter participation went up in 2018 among exactly the groups Abrams claims were “suppressed.” And it isn’t right-wingers saying so, either. The left-wing Brookings Institution found that 2018 voter turnout rose for the Democrats, according to official data.

Not only did voter participation in Georgia increase, Brookings said, “Georgia is one of the few states where black voter turnout exceeded white voter turnout in 2018.”

Abrams lost the 2018 election by more than 50,000 votes, despite the higher-than-average turnout for black voters in the Peach State.

Yet, despite their latest mantra that election-denying is akin to treason, Democrats still fawn over this woman who is clearly a liar. She lied about “voter suppression.” She lied that blacks were not allowed to vote.

And she lies repeatedly, saying she didn’t deny the results of the 2018 election.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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