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State Trooper Sues Disgraced Governor Cuomo Over 'Inappropriate Touching'

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The long and sordid tale of the Cuomo family’s fall from grace is almost certainly being turned into some sort of feature-length film or documentary somewhere, but anxious filmmakers may need to sit on their hands for a bit, because the story is far from over.

It all began with former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault and harassment of over a dozen women during his time in office, with many of his victims having been either employed by him, or were targeted while working in close proximity to him.

Now, one of those women is filing a lawsuit that could bring even more shame to the Cuomo family name.

An unnamed New York state trooper who was part of former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s protective detail and told investigators he touched her inappropriately has filed a lawsuit against Cuomo, former Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa, and her employer, New York State Police.

In the suit, the trooper, who is only identified as “Trooper 1,” alleges that Cuomo sexually harassed her, requesting her to be assigned to the unit that protected him “after seeing and talking to her for only a few minutes” and asking for service requirements for the job to be changed so that the trooper “could be close to him.”

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“As with his other victims, the Governor used his physical proximity to Trooper 1 to touch her inappropriately,” the suit states.

While Cuomo’s team has attempted to downplay the interactions between the two, attorneys for the victim have relayed some disturbing details of their client’s well-being.

An attorney for the trooper said that she has sought mental health treatment as a result of her experiences with Cuomo, which the attorney described as “deeply humiliating.” She has filed a separate motion to remain anonymous in the case.
“We’re asking the press to respect our client’s privacy as she goes through this difficult time and in an effort to protect her rights,” her attorney, Valdi Licul, told CNN.
The ordeal stretched into the mainstream media in a unique way as well, with Former Gov. Cuomo’s brother, now-former CNN star Chris Cuomo, catching a great deal of heat for inappropriately providing media and PR resources to his embattled brother at the time of the trouble.
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