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Store Clerk Confronts Serial Shoplifter, Is Soon Engulfed in Flames as Punk Turns Stolen Goods on Him

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On Friday, while speaking at a Republican party convention in California, former President Donald J. Trump uttered words that qualified as “music” to attendees and voters ears. Trump declared war on crime in a way that is long overdue.

According to Real America’s Voice, Trump decreed that once he returns to the White House, “We will immediately stop all of the pillaging and theft. Very simply, if you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store. Shot.” The audience broke out in applause.

Unfortunately, the GOP front-runner has yet to secure a victory, leaving one retail clerk at the Appian Food and Liquor in El Sobrante, California, to suffer tragic consequences. He can blame Gov. Gavin Newsom — and the rest of his party-in-charge — for that.

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Because of Newsom and the Democrats “soft on crime” ideology and policies, Suraj, the store clerk, “suffered second- and third-degree burns to his face, neck, chest and shoulder,” the New York Post reported. The culprit is an animal. You can’t describe it any other way.

Kendall Burton, a 38 year-old homeless man living twenty miles from the store, allegedly robbed the store several times the morning of Sept. 22, then returned again later that afternoon to presumably do so again. Suraj had already been warned about Burton by his associates that worked the morning shift. But none could expect Burton’s return to be so violent.

As Suraj confronted Burton in an effort to prevent him from shoplifting again, Burton doused the clerk in lighter fluid and lit him on fire. The fluid seemed to be what Burton wanted in every instance.

WARNING: The following contains video that some readers may find disturbing.

This tragic situation could have happened to any one of us, to our loved ones or any innocent American responsibly going about their lives.

According to the Post, “Burton … was arrested following his total disregard for human life,” the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said.

Traumatized, in excruciating pain, and needing multiple surgeries to fix his wounds, the unfairness of the situation can’t only be blamed on Burton. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of his accomplices.

These are the other animals in public office that continue to allow criminals to run free and terrorize a state and a nation. In this particular case, Newsom shares the blame. Nationally, we can point to President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, the liberal elite, the establishment media … the entire lot of them.

The leftist bleeding hearts, who are the worst predators of all, can be blamed.

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They are ultimately responsible for opening the door to the horrifying situation Suraj encountered in trying to do his job and protect the store. Having worked there five years, why wouldn’t the first instinct of any loyal employee be that, under normal conditions?

But nothing is normal about our nation today. That’s especially true in the treatment of criminals by the Democratic party at the helm. The innocent are punished. The criminals roam without concern or consequence. The free pass they’ve been given in response to petty crime is just one aspect of this. The totality of the overall assault has made the United States hardly recognizable. California and like states were just a preview to what is to come for the rest of the nation.

Suraj is just another pawn in the Democrats warped agenda.

Will crime grow worse in California?

They don’t want a thriving and free country. They want one that is constantly quaking in its boots, because that is the path to socialism. That is what they want.

The war that we are fighting has been launched from within. People like Burton are simply useful pawns. Plenty more are flooding the border.

That said, they also can be dangerous ones. In the case of Burton, he’s changed the lives of Suraj and his wife, Sabeena, forever as they cope with the physical, mental, and emotional wounds of this terribly unnecessary event. Sabeena has started a GoFundMe to help the family cope with the medical costs they now must endure. They will be extensive.

We need to put an end to the affliction strangling this nation. Americans should be able to walk out their doors and go about their days feeling safe. It’s hardly the case at-present. The Democratic party’s attack on the people needs to end. And the only way to do that, given the current circumstances, is to use the force Trump expressed above. Then, and only then, will it end.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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