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STORYBOOK: Bills Score on Opening Kickoff in First Game After Hamlin Injury

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While sports have evolved over the years, the rules and regulations surrounding them have gotten more intense by the decade.  For some, this is precisely the sort of thing that could snatch the soul of the game up and spit it out, having adjudicated all the drama out of the contest for the sake of accuracy.

But, even in this day and age of instant replays, VAR, and what have you, there is still some magic left out in the games, and this week brought us a prime example of that.

With Damar Hamlin watching, the Buffalo Bills opened up their final game of the 2022 regular season against the New England Patriots in electric fashion.

Nyheim Hines returned the Patriots kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown to open the game. It was Hines’ first kick-return touchdown of his career and it set the tone of the start of the game.

The moment was simply electric.

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Hamlin is still recovering from the cardiac arrest he suffered on Monday in Cincinnati, but was able to watch the game today in his hospital room.

Thankfully, doctors have suggested that Hamlin is “neurologically intact” – something that is incredibly encouraging give the severity of the incident on Monday night.

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