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Student Group Has a Message for 'White Folks' And It's Incredibly Bad Advice

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A student group from Marquette University is asking “white folks” to “stop calling the cops” and take matters into their own hands when they feel threatened by another person.

Apparently, if a person breaks into your home, it’s required that you put political correctness above your personal safety and ensure that you don’t take action that could have negative consequences for a person of color.

This is the actual world we live in.

The poster outlines the “steps to ask yourself before calling the police,” posing a series of questions to ask oneself before involving law enforcement in a given situation, starting with “Is this merely an inconvenience to me?”

If the answer is “no, I need to respond,” the flyer instructs individuals to consider whether they can “handle this on my own,” perhaps by trying “to talk-out [the matter] with the person.”

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If talking things out isn’t a feasible option, the document says one should first consider whether there is a friend, neighbor, or someone else who could be called for help. In the event that professional assistance is required, it suggests pursuing “mediation to talk through what’s happening” or calling “an emergency response hotline.”

Only after all of those options have been exhausted, the guide says, should one contact the police—and even then it exhorts students to make sure they “understand how involving the police could impact me and the other person.”

Marquette Empowerment, as a group, believes itself to be the school’s “ONLY intersectional feminist organization for women, men, and nonbinary folks who strive to combat injustices concerning ALL PEOPLE.” They claim to focus on “misogyny, transphobia, heterosexism, slut-shaming, victim blaming, cissexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, ableism, racism and any other form of bigotry.”

This is incredibly bad advice, which is something that should be obvious right from the get-go, yet other leftists will hail this as fantastic thinking, ignoring the fact that bad guys are bad guys and if someone is threatening your safety and security, their skin color doesn’t matter a lick. Call the police and preserve your life.

To do otherwise is simply foolish. When political correctness runs amok, this is the kind of insanity people start actually buying into. Anyone else long for the 1990s?

Source: Campus Reform

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