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Students at University are Outraged That Ice Cream Isn't 'Inclusive' Enough. Here's What They're Doing About it

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So apparently the students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are pretty ticked off about the lack of inclusivity in their ice cream on campus, so, like good little social justice warriors, they’re stepping up to the plate to rid the world of this great injustice.

Seriously, folks, only millennials could take something as innocuous as ice cream and turn it into a full blown political crusade.

So what, exactly, about ice cream has these folks raging against the machine? The fact that it contains one ingredient that violates some students’ religious dietary restrictions. Yes, this is absolutely for real.

They’ve even gone so far to draft legislation, which they titled, “Ice Cream for All,” to make the ice cream more inclusive. At the time of this writing, the legislation has eight sponsors, including the chair, vice chair, and secretary of the Associated Students of Madison Student Council.

The university’s official ice cream, the Babcock, reportedly contains a beef gelatin additive. According to “Ice Cream for All,” this effectively ruins the ice cream experience for some minority students, rendering “certain communities such as the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and vegetarian unable to enjoy it without violating their beliefs.”

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Though the council is intended to represent a student-type government, it cannot effect change, and can only make recommendations to the university on the ice cream. If the resolution passes, even though it may not convince the university to change the ingredients, the council intends to condemn university-sponsored events that feature the Babcock ice cream. Also, if passed, the council will recommend that the school officially acknowledge that the university’s official ice cream marginalizes some students.

A spokesperson for the University of Wisconsin-Madison told Campus Reform that the university already has inclusive alternatives on hand, producing and selling “‘super premium’ ice cream, sherbet, and Greek frozen yogurt options that are made with a plant-based stabilizer and are gelatin-free.”

The spokesperson noted that there is also the option of “lactose-free ice cream for people who are lactose intolerant.”

The “legislation” the student council concocted — i.e., wasted their time on instead of studying — states that to not provide ice cream that matches the aforementioned religious dietary restrictions “would be a gross act of discrimination” for “minority students.”

As if that isn’t nutty enough, they also go on to call this a “symbolic issue” that represents the marginalization minority students feel and will ultimately impact whether or not these folks feel welcomed into their connected communities.

If you haven’t yet felt terrified for the future of our nation, now seems like a pretty good time to start.

Source: TheBlaze

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