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STUDY: Paper Masks Only 10% Effective Against Virus, N95 Masks Only 50% Effective

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According to the Daily Mail, a new study finds that paper masks are only ten percent effective against the coronavirus, that cloth masks are completely useless, and even the N95 masks are only 50 percent effective against the virus.

The popular blue paper facemasks that so many people think are saving their lives actually do nearly nothing to help keep them safe and healthy.

The study published by the University of Waterloo in Canada showed that almost all the coverings people keep wearing are utterly useless. It also shows that all the cloth masks kids are wearing in schools are completely useless.

Per the Mail:

Most blue surgical face masks used by many during the pandemic are not enough to avoid people from being infected with COVID-19, an alarming new study has found.

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The study from the University of Waterloo in Canada showed N95 or KN95 masks did the best job in containing aerosol droplets from the wearer’s mouth.

The blue, cloth surgical masks that have become popular during the pandemic were found be only 10 percent effective as it doe not cover the face properly.

The paper added that the study also found: “The N95 was conversely able to filter over 50% of aerosol droplets while the other half is dispersed above the wearer’s head.”

So, paper and cloth masks are completely useless and even the more comprehensive N95s that fewer people can get are only 50 percent effective.

Once again, we see that the rabid COVIDiots are fools palavering about politics, not science.

Naturally, the study claims that it “proves” that “better masks are needed” to prevent the spread of the virus. But they only said that to get around criticism. In truth, masks are unnecessary and pointless.

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