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STUDY: Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Save Communities Millions

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While the supporters of abortion and continued federal funding to Planned Parenthood often site the vast resources they provide to women who might not otherwise have access to mammograms, pap smears, pre-natal services, and birth control consultations, there is one fatal flaw with their logic.

Setting aside the fact that Planned Parenthood’s claims to these services is greatly exaggerated (even WaPo will tell you), if they do indeed provide so much for women…why does that justify the millions of abortions they provide each year?

Hint: it doesn’t. No one needs to provide abortion in order to provide women’s health, and pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation prove this reality each and every day.

A new study has shown that pro-life pregnancy centers are saving the communities they serve $161 million nationally, and helped 2 million people last year.

The Christian Post reports:

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In an 80-page report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research arm of the pro-life advocacy organization Susan B. Anthony List, researchers Moira Gaul and Mai W. Bean note that their study “A Half Century of Hope, A Legacy of Life and Love” commemorates five decades of life-saving pregnancy center outreach. The first freestanding pregnancy center opened in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario and ever since similar kinds of centers in the United States have followed their pattern.

The report provides a thorough analysis of the impact of 2,600 of the estimated 2,750 centers in the U.S. last year, examining the scope of their medical and social services and featuring moving personal testimonies of clients who accessed them as far back as 35 years ago…

In 2017, those pregnancy centers provided approximately 2 million people in the U.S. with free services, saving communities $161 million annually in estimated costs.

More than seven in 10 locations offer free ultrasounds, a 24 percent increase since 2010, the findings show. Credentialed nurse sonographers and registered diagnostic medical sonographers contributed 400,100 hours of free services last year, along with 100 mobile ultrasound units to bring services to women out in the community.

Abortion is not “women’s health.” Serving the actual needs of women and their unborn children is. Centers like this prove that the needs of women that are (supposedly) met by Planned Parenthood can be easily filled by clinics that do not murder millions of unborn babies each and every year.

If there is a pro-life pregnancy center in your community, make sure to show them your support! Make a donation, volunteer your time, or simply do what you can to spread the word that they’re there, and they provide an infinitely better and more moral service than Planned Parenthood ever will.

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