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Stunning Poll Shows Support for Biden Impeachment After Midterms

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While it has been commonplace to see Joe Biden underwater in approval polling, there hasn’t been much talk about a formal rebuke for the poor job that he’s been doing in the White House either.  It has very much felt as though the nation would just let him bumble through his first term, doing so little that there would be no choice but for a red wave to crash into Congress in the midterms, and set up a landslide GOP victory in 2024’s presidential race.

It’s just feels as though this is the way the world is setting up the dominoes.

But now, a wrinkle in this lackadaisical plan has emerged, as a shocking new poll shows a rather serious appetite for impeaching President Biden.

Almost 70 percent of Republican voters say the House of Representatives should impeach President Joe Biden if their party takes over the chamber in the 2022 midterms — doubling the number of all other Americans who say the same.

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A roughly equal percentage of Americans (66%) do not believe that President Biden should be impeached if Republicans retake the majority in November — perhaps as a consequence of the fact that Biden has not been credibly accused of any crimes in office.

But according to a new UMass Amherst Poll conducted by YouGov, a full 68 percent of Republicans want Biden impeached by a GOP-controlled Congress.

Stunningly, President Biden continues to suggest that he’ll be running for reelection in 2024 – a vow that has even the most dyed-in-the-wool Democrats cringing a bit.

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