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Super Bowl Champs Team Up Against DC Establishment: Burgess Owens Endorses Bequette for Senate

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Only a handful of NFL players have managed to represent their communities in Congress.

Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah stands out among them as the first-ever Super Bowl champion to serve in the House of Representatives.

Thanks to Owens’ endorsement, Jake Bequette may soon join him as the first-ever Super Bowl champ to serve in the Senate.

Bequette, a veteran of both the NFL and the U.S. Army, is running against Republican Sen. John Boozman in the 2022 Republican primary to represent the state of Arkansas.

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While Owens won a championship with the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV in 1981, Bequette won his own ring with the New England Patriots in 2015.

Owens announced his endorsement of Bequette in comments sent exclusively to The Western Journal.

“A former NFL player himself, while the rest of the NFL was protesting our flag, Jake Bequette was defending it with the 101st Airborne,” Owens told The Western Journal.

After spending two seasons with the Patriots, Bequette retired from the NFL and joined the Army, serving in Iraq, The Guardian reported.

Do you support Bequette's run for Senate?

“Jake’s sense of service and love for our county is exactly what we need in the Senate,” Owens said.

Bequette was honored to receive the endorsement.

“I’m grateful for the endorsement of Congressman Owens,” Bequette told The Western Journal. “As a fellow outsider I look forward to joining him in fighting for conservative principles in Washington.”

Owens is not the first prominent “outsider” to endorse Bequette. On Jan. 11, Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina also endorsed the veteran.

“It’s not enough to elect Republicans anymore, we need warriors. There are few things the left is more scared of than someone like Jake Bequette being in the Senate,” Cawthorn told The Western Journal.

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Asked why he had chosen to run against Boozman, another Republican, Bequette had the following to say:

“For too many years we’ve sent the same career politicians to Washington, and we’ve seen more freedoms taken away as our debt continues to rise.”

“We need new, bolder representatives less worried about careers in Washington and more worried about the country our children will inherit.”

Boozman’s office has yet to respond to a request for comment.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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