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Supermarket Employee Who Went Viral for Teaching Autistic Teenager to Stock Shelves Gets Incredible Gift From Family--and The People He Inspired

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With all the hatred and division normally shared on social media these days, it’s always worthwhile to take some time to appreciate the incredible force for good it can also be.

Every now and then, we are treated to an amazing story of a video of someone doing a simple act of kindness which goes viral. And before they know it, their act of kindness is returned tenfold by the people around the world who were inspired and touched to see their acts on social media.

One incredible story like this is that of a supermarket employee who took the time to teach a young autistic man to help him stock shelves, something his family, who was watching, called a “miracle.”

Western Journal has the story:

The employee, Jordan Taylor, was stocking shelves at Rouses Market when he noticed Jack Ryan watching him. He decided to show him how to stock the shelves and the two worked together to stock milk and juice for almost half an hour.

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Ryan’s dad decided to record the interaction on his phone. “I’m watching a miracle in action,” he said to a friend in the video.

Ryan’s sister, Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi, later posted the video on Facebook and expressed her gratitude for Taylor’s actions.

This is where it gets incredible.

The post went viral, and Awosaibi eventually updated it to include a GoFundMe account they’d created for Taylor, who they learned loved math and wanted to be a teacher, but had yet to attend college.

In a few short days, with donations from across the planet, they raised $100,000 for the young man.

Not only did they reach this incredible goal, but GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne told Fox News last week it was their top campaign at the moment.

“Donors from Baton Rouge to Bangkok have been inspired by Jordan and Jack Ryan’s story. Nearly 3,000 people have donated $100,000 from all across the US and all around the world,” he said.

“Donors from Japan to Germany, from Ireland to Italy, have stepped up and taken action to show their support.”

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What a beautiful story, of kindness both simple and great.

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