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Supply Chain Issues Could See Beer Disappear

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As the nation and world continue to crawl back out of the coronavirus pandemic, there are accusations of severe economic mismanagement by the Biden administration, and with plenty of evidence to back them up.

Inflation, gas prices, and consumer confidence are all fluctuating rapidly in the wrong direction, as the Biden team has been forced to apologize to the nation for getting it all so very, very wrong.

The latest in a long line of supply chain issues now threatens one of America’s favorite sippable supplies. 

A crisis in the supply of industrial carbon dioxide has created chaos in the American craft-beer industry, New Orleans brewer Jacob Landry said on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday morning.

“It’s pretty concerning,” said Landry, the founder and CEO of Urban South Brewery in New Orleans.

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“It has created a lot of uncertainty in the midst of all kinds of uncertainty we’ve had. It’s one more headache. It’s one more challenge.”

The cost of the gas has more than tripled recently, Landry said. He paid 20 cents per pound for his most recent shipment of CO2, after paying just 6 cents per pound for previous shipments.

And that’s not all:

Landry cited a long list of other cost increases threatening the craft-beer business, which has been one of the nation’s great small-business success stories over the past 25 years.

Can prices climbed 20 percent this year, cardboard prices are up 20 percent and grain prices have skyrocketed as much as 50 percent, he said.

With more than two years remaining in Joe Biden’s first term, it is imperative the this brew-threatening crisis be solved sooner rather than later.  Otherwise, coping with the incessant and imbecilic behavior coming from the White House could become rather difficult.


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As a lifelong advocate for the dream promised us in the Constitution, Andrew West has spent his years authoring lush prose editorial dirges regarding America's fall from grace and her path back to prosperity. When West isn't railing against the offensive whims of the mainstream media or the ideological cruelty that is so rampant in the US, he spends his time seeking adventurous new food and fermented beverages, with the occasional round of golf peppered in.