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Suspect Taunts Cops By Asking About Reward For Her Arrest, Then Gets Caught

Murder suspect Lorraine Graves was caught by cops because she made a taunting comment on a Police Department Facebook page.



Last week The Tulsa Police Department used Facebook to ask the public Wednesday for help tracking down a woman named Lorraine Graves, who they suspected as an accessory in the March slaying of Eric Graves. When she responded to the Facebook post to ask about a reward, she was arrested.

Lorraine GravesThe TPD posted about Lorraine Graves on the Weekly Most Wanted post, Tuesday: “The Tulsa Police Department is looking for information about the whereabouts of Lorraine Graves,” the post read. “Lorraine Graves is charged with Accessory to Murder. Detectives say she was involved in the city’s 10th homicide of 2021 where Eric Graves was shot and killed at the St. Thomas Square Apartments.”

Two other suspects allegedly involved in the murder of Eric Graves — “Jayden and Gabriel Hopson — have been charged with murder and are already being held in police custody.”

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A normal person seeing a Facebook post from the police calling them a weekly most wanted would continue to quietly shelter in place. But Lorraine Graves was either insulted or taunting the police when she commented on the post using her real name. Asking “What’s where’s the reward money at, (sic).”

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Well, perhaps the reward money is hidden in the same place as Lorraine’s brains. She was immediately warned by other commentators.

“Giiiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you !!” one person commented.

“Aint gonna be as funny when you get processed,” said another.

Unfortunately for Lorraine Graves, the Tulsa Police Department was also reading the comments. The TPD’s next Facebook post read:

Weekly Most Wanted arrested after commenting on our post about her

On Wednesday, we posted Lorraine Graves as the Weekly Most Wanted for Accessory to Murder in the homicide of Eric Graves earlier this year.

Shortly after that, Lorraine Graves started commenting on our post asking about reward money.

On 7/15/21 around 4:30 p.m., detectives with our Fugitive Warrants unit arrested Graves in north Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave.

Graves is charged with Accessory to Murder. Her bond is set at $500,000.

This is an arrest, not a conviction.


Graves seemed to be either smiling about her arrest or embarrassed about posting a comment that led to her capture.
Lorraine Graves
Facebook commentators to the TPD site enjoyed taunting the stupidity leading to her arrest. A sampling of those comments is below:

Thinning the herd indeed. If she is convicted of accessory to the murder of Eric Graves (whose relationship to the suspect is unknown), she may rue the day she joined Facebook, or at the very least, she will regret that one comment.

She may also regret her hairstyle in this picture which proves that booking shots are just as lousy as driver’s license photos.

Lorraine Graves


Looking at that hairstyle, I bet that justice is happy that justice is blind.


CNN Faces Calls to Punish Anchor Chris Cuomo after Helping Brother Andrew Evade Sex Harassment Charges

CNN is facing a massive backlash after news broke that anchor Chris Cuomo tried to help Gov. Cuomo evade charges of sexual harassment



CNN is facing a massive backlash after news broke that its top anchor, Chris Cuomo, tried to help his brother, the Gov. of New York, evade the coming charges of sexual harassment that were about to fall upon him. As more of information about the charges against Andrew Cuomo emerge, it was also learned that Chris “Fredo” Cuomo engaged in deep consultations with Andrew to help the gov. get out of his predicament “Do not overlook the Cuomo report appendix,” New York Times political reporter Shane Goldmacher tweeted, “which includes Charlotte Bennett’s texts about her Cuomo interactions and this email from Chris Cuomo appearing to draft a statement for his brother.” Reporter Alex Weprin added: CNN is facing a mountain of calls for them to do something about Fredo. People want to know, how Fredo can claim to be a “journalist” when he worked behind the scenes to help a soon-to-be disgraced governor escape justice. Shouldn’t he have steered clear of this act, brother or no? And if he simply had to do so, shouldn’t he have taken a leave from his “news” job, or at the very least told his audience that he was breaking against journalistic ethics to help his brother? And what of CNN? What is their culpability? Fox News analyst Ari Fleischer amplified the point well recently: CNN has a real ethical problem on its hands. I mean the fact that the upper management at CNN, starting with Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, has not disciplined Chris Cuomo, the anchor for his taking a hand and guiding his governor brother through all this? The fact that the CNN anchor actively helped to cover up what the governor was doing — and worked on message points for the governor to deliver — this is…

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Things are taking a turn for the worse under Kim Jong Un.



Let this be a lesson to all of the would-be despots out there in the world:  Running a hermit kingdom based on dynastic lies and the exploitation of your population is never going to work out in the long run…even in a nation as small as North Korea. For decades, (and generations), the Kim family has ruled over the DPRK with an iron fist, pillaging the population and living in opulence and divine reverence.  Now, with Kim Jong Un still clinging to power despite a number of health concerns, it seems as though the nation is falling into complete ruin. North Korea is releasing emergency military rice reserves as its food shortage worsens, South Korea’s spy agency said Tuesday, with a heat wave and drought reducing the country’s supply. North Korea’s reported food problems come as its moribund economy continues to be battered by the protracted COVID-19 pandemic. And it could get worse still… While mass starvation and social chaos have not been reported, observers expect a further deterioration of North Korea’s food situation until the autumn harvest. Seoul’s National Intelligence Service told a closed-door parliamentary committee meeting that North Korea is supplying rice reserved for wartime use to citizens with little food, other laborers, and rural state agencies, according to Ha Tae-keung, one of the lawmakers who attended the session. North Korea’s tumultuous relationship with the global community will likely limit the amount of assistance they’ll receive from the outside world, as many nations are still engaged in heavy sanctions against the dictatorship.

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