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Suspected Robber Arrested After His Mother Recognizes Him and Drags Him to Police Station

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A Chicago teenager is in double trouble in connection with a robbery on a commuter train.

Zion Brown, 18, faces an armed robbery charge in connection with a hold-up involving a Metra Electric conductor, according to WBBM-TV.

But he was in even deeper trouble before that, because when the Loyola University student’s mother saw him in a surveillance camera image, she had him march right down to the police and admit what he had done.

Police said on Tuesday just after 2 p.m, a passenger on a train announced that he was in the midst of conducting a robbery.

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A black semi-automatic handgun was displayed.

The robber took all the cash the conductor had on him and fled.

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However, the robber paused long enough to look at a surveillance camera, and his mom was able to later identify him when the police posted photos to catch the robber.

In court, he claimed he was hungry and wanted money to eat.

Brown said the idea for the robbery formed when he saw the conductor handling cash, according to the Washington Examiner.

Brown went to his classes after the robbery, his attorney said.

Judge Maryam Ahmad was urged by the defense to recall her days as a hungry college student as the defense argued against a request to have Brown held without bond, according to CWB Chicago.

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Ahmad said she recalled hungry days as a college student but noted that she never pointed a gun at someone and robbed them on account of that.

The judge then granted the request to hold Brown without bail.

Brown had no criminal history prior to this arrest.

The gun used in the robbery was a BB gun, and the suspect said he threw it in a dumpster after the incident.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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