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Taiwan Practice Air Raid Drills as Pelosi Trip and China Threats Loom

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For years now, China and Taiwan have had a rather contentious relationship, as the former still believes the latter to be theirs.

Taiwan’s independence is not recognized by China, and Beijing would like to keep it that way.   This is why leaders in the CCP have long threatened any nation who would dare to recognize the leaders in Taipei as legitimate.

Now, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues planning her own diplomat jaunt to Taiwan, China is making it clear they are unhappy.  In response, Taiwan is preparing for a Chinese invasion.

Taiwan’s capital staged air raid drills Monday and its military mobilized for routine defense exercises, coinciding with concerns over a forceful Chinese response to a possible visit to the island by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

While there was no direct link between China’s renewed threats and Taiwan’s defensive moves, they underscore the possibility of a renewed crisis in the Taiwan Strait, considered a potential hotspot for conflict that could envelop the entire region.

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Air raid sirens were sounded in the capital Taipei and the military was holding its annual multi-day Han Kuang drills, including joint air and sea exercises and the mobilization of tanks and troops.

In Taipei, police directed people to shelters when a siren went off shortly after lunchtime. Streets emptied and shops closed.

Pelosi’s potential visit has been publicly decried by the Biden administration.

Pelosi has not confirmed when, or even if, she will visit, but President Joe Biden last week told reporters that U.S. military officials believed such a trip was “not a good idea.” Administration officials are believed to be critical of a possible trip, both for the problematic timing and the lack of coordination with the White House.

President Biden has suggested in recent weeks that America would be willing to militarily defend Taiwan against China, which has been considered a rather large shift in the US policy on the matter.


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