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Taiwan Warned World Health Organization About Coronavirus Last Year, But Were Ignored

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We now know that the spread of COVID-19 would’ve been far less dramatic had China warned the world a little bit sooner. Now, the communist nation is doing what it can to blame America.

Lucky for them, they have the mainstream media on their side.

A new report has just been released showing that Taiwan warned of the virus months before it became such a big problem. But nothing ever came of it.

From Daily Caller:

Taiwan is blaming the World Health Organization’s relationship with China for its failure to act on early warnings of human-to-human transmission of coronavirus.

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Taiwanese health officials alerted WHO of the infectivity of coronavirus in late December 2019, but the organization failed to report the claims to other countries, according to a Financial Times report.


WHO declined to comment on Taiwan’s accusation, telling the Financial Times it holds “frank and open discussions on sometimes sensitive issues” with countries and in order to maintain trust it needs to “respect the confidentiality of such communications.”

Here’s some coronavirus randomness, via Twitter…

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