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Take a Gander at The Ridiculous Sign Actress Alyssa Milano Brought to Kavanaugh Hearing



Annoying uber liberal actress Alyssa Milano continued her quest for relevance on Thursday by somehow managing to land a seat at the hearing of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, where she made sure to find the most obnoxious way possible to draw attention herself.

How did she manage to do that? By bringing a ridiculous sign of course.

Again, this woman is no crusader for any legitimate cause other than her self. Clearly she’s hoping that all of this activism will put some fresh juice in a stagnating film and television career.

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Here’s a shot of Milano’s “I BELIEVE SURVIVORS NO ON KAVANAUGH” sign via Getty Images:

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Adding to the “circus” feeling of the Kavanaugh confirmation process, Milano was invited to the hearing by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee who sat on the allegations by Ford for weeks before submitting them in the eleventh hour of the proceedings to the FBI. (For that delay, Feinstein came under heavy fire from Republicans Thursday.)

As the Daily Wire’s Joseph Curl noted, Milano lead a group of anti-Kavanaugh activists around the Capitol on Wednesday, pounding on doors and shouting, “Open the door, hear the stories!” and “No more silence. No more. Never again!”

The Guardian’s Lauren Gambino reported on Milano’s stated purpose at the hearing:

Doesn’t this just smack of desperation? Milano is so drenched in it you can almost tangibly taste it. That’s some powerful mojo.

Many of these celebrities get involved in politics because that’s what their leftist overlords have deemed “cool” and “hip,” thus if you want to ensure you build a decent fanbase and prove yourself to be a box office draw capable of putting butts in theater seats — and thus enabling yourself to get parts — then you have to play the game.

Once upon a time, the vast majority of us didn’t know our favorite movie stars’ political stance and we didn’t care to know. Now you can’t turn your head without seeing some pinhead who gets millions to play pretend plaster their opinion everywhere.

Don’t you just long for yesterday?

Source: Daily Wire


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