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Take a Look What Message This Anti-Trump PAC is Going to Fly Over Beachgoers on Labor Day

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An anti-Trump political action committee is set to fly an aerial message over California beaches that is sure to tickle Maxine Waters every shade of pink in the book.

Apparently, a banner will be flown across the sky over Labor Day weekend that will feature two simple words: Impeach Trump.

Of course Waters is going to eat this up! That’s practically her catch phrase.

Justin Jaye, the owner of a Santa Monica-based FlySigns Aerial Advertising, told Heine that among the ads his planes will be flying on Labor Day is a two-word message purchased by a Democratic political action committee: “Impeach Trump.”

“Election years are great for us,” Jaye said. “Always see a good pop in sales.”

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Because of the naturally younger demographic, he said, the demand for aerial ads over beaches is an increasingly lucrative industry. “He said targeting young consumers is central to why his 27-year-old company, which employs 60 people, has increased its sales between 10 percent and 15 percent every year for the past decade and expects to bring in $4 million during 2018,” Heine reports.

Heine suggested that while “flyvertising” is usually a summer-heavy industry, it should see more steady action in the fall than usual given the coming election and the strong “political divide” in the country.

Rep. Maxine Waters has become the unofficial leader of the Impeach Trump movement, repeatedly calling for him to be run out of office since the earliest stages of his presidency. Speaking to the left-wing Center for American Progress Ideas Conference in Washington, D.C. last year, Waters spelled out the rationale for her favorite mantra since Trump was elected.

It seems as if the left is on some sort of mission to politicize anything and everything they can. You can’t even get away from politics by taking a leisurely trip to the beach for crying out loud!

Turn on your phone, it’s there. Your TV? There too. Now you can’t even unplug and go outside without being bombarded by a political message. You’d think all there was to life was politics.

It’s sad, really.

It’s especially sad because these folks are wasting their money on this advertisement. Trump, as of now, has not done anything worthy of being impeached, so it’s just a waste of resources to continually call for something that isn’t likely going to happen.

People really need to grow up.

Source: Daily Wire

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