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Taliban Takes Aim at Women's Rights Protest, Reneging on 'Moderate' Claims

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The Taliban’s rule over the nation of Afghanistan is not going to be an easy one for many who live in the war-torn nation, especially women and minorities.

We have to remember that the Taliban is not a political party.  They are an ultra-traditional Islamic Jihadist terror group whose beliefs on human rights only extend to religious adults males within the organization.  Anyone outside of that narrow spectrum is merely an accessory to the Taliban, and there is little doubt whatsoever that they’ll be treated as such, despite the group’s repeated claims that they are somehow more moderate today than they were during their last reign.

And, as if we need any proof of the fact that the Taliban are misrepresenting themselves…

On Saturday, the Taliban’s “Badri 313 special forces squadron” – the subjects of those viral propaganda videos – fired weapons into the air to disperse a women’s rights protest unfolding in Kabul. According to the Associated Press, the Taliban not only broke up the march but also painted over murals that honored American-Afghan historian Nancy Dupree:

The women’s march — the second in as many days in Kabul — began peacefully. Demonstrators laid a wreath outside Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry to honor Afghan soldiers who died fighting the Taliban before marching on to the presidential palace.

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Taliban members whitewashed murals Saturday that promoted health care, warned of the dangers of HIV and even paid homage to some of Afghanistan’s iconic foreign contributors, like anthropologist Nancy Dupree, who singlehandedly chronicled Afghanistan’s rich cultural legacy. It was a worrying sign of attempts to erase reminders of the past 20 years.

Then, making it even more obvious:

The murals were instead replaced with propaganda celebrating the Taliban victory. Ahmadullah Muttaqi, a Taliban cultural commission spokesman, tweeted that the murals stood against the Taliban “values.”

“They were spoiling the minds of the mujahedeen and instead we wrote slogans that will be useful to everyone,” he said.

There have already been reports of the Taliban going door-to-door “hunting” Americans, and this latest affront to the rights of Afghanistan’s women will surely solidify the group’s status as a cruel and heinous organization.

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