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Taxpayer Funded Organization Hands Over Whopping $248K to Professors. The Reason Why is Beyond Ridiculous.

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The National Science Foundation, which is a tax-payer funded organization, had decided to hand over a whopping $248,000 to three Iowa State University professors so they can conduct a study on gender and racial microaggressions.

What’s the goal of this nonsense? To make snowflakes, oops, uh “students” feel safer at school.

You’d think folks being able to conceal carry on campus would make these kids feel safer, but whatever.

According to a Campus Reform report on Thursday, the lead researcher at the university aims to “contribute to diversifying engineering programs” and make students feel safer in the classroom.

The study, titled, “Collaborative Research: An Intersectional Perspective to Studying Microaggressions in Engineering Programs,” will cost taxpayers about $248,744 over the next four years.

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Lead researcher Cristina Poleacovschi, an engineering professor, told the outlet that studying “microaggressions” is absolutely important because such “microaggressions” can harm students.

“I find microaggressions particularly interesting because they are normalized in our everyday life but have significant consequences over time,” Poleacovschi said.

“The contribution of this grant is bringing an intersectionality perspective to the concept of microaggressions where we consider the interconnected nature of race and gender,” she added.

The project will “collect stories from diverse identity groups in order to obtain a well-rounded understanding of microaggressions in engineering programs.”

Here’s a brief list outlining the four main objectives of the study:

[I]dentify gender and race microaggressions experienced by engineering students who identify as white men, white women, African-American men, African-American women, Latino men, Latina women, Asian men and Asian women.

[B]uild a gender and race microaggressions psychometric scale based on two institutional contexts

[T]est the relationship between gender and race microaggressions and success and persistence indicators (self-efficacy, institutional affiliation, psychological well-being and academic performance) in the context of a [Predominately White Institution] and a [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]

[C]ontrast and compare student experiences with gender and race microaggressions within and across the two institutional contexts.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the government is doing with the money they suck out of your paycheck before it lands in your bank account. Feel free to take a few moments and pour out a drink in memory of the money you worked hard to earn as it is snatched by Uncle Sam and cremated before your very eyes.

Do we really need any more reasons to demand a repeal of the income tax provision stuck in the Constitution?

Source: TheBlaze

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