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Teacher Who Allegedly Befriended and Raped a Minor Rearrested After Victim Receives Appalling Message

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We are plagued by doubt. Once respected institutions have been compromised by leftist ideologies that have opened the door and allowed the smoke of Satan to enter places that were not so long ago considered sacred.

I’m not talking about churches this time. I’m talking about public schools. People used to send their kids off to school confident that they would receive a sound education in a relatively safe atmosphere. Not anymore.

On Sept. 8, Alissa McCommon, a fourth-grade teacher in Covington, Tennessee, was arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old boy, according to WMC-TV in Memphis.

“Multiple juvenile victims have come forth stating that they were befriended by their former teacher, McCommon, who began playing video games with them, and then further engaged with them through mobile phone social media apps, which led to her allegedly sending inappropriate photographs and requesting sexual relations with the victims,” the outlet reported.

If that isn’t shocking enough, she was released on $25,000 bond — only to be arrested again Thursday for allegedly threatening her young victim, according to WMC.

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McCommon, 38, is now charged with coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, tampering with evidence and harassment.

“The judge allowed her to be free on bond and a condition of her bond is that she had no contact with any of the victims or any children other than her own children,” Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said, according to WREG-TV in Memphis.

“The actions of McCommon are not only appalling, but CPD is also concerned about this apparent violation of her bond conditions,” Turner said, according to WMC.

“Due to the nature of the communications, we are concerned others may have been contacted,” she said. “We will continue to seek the revocation of McCommon’s bond, as well as aggressively prosecute the additional charges that continue to develop.”

On Sept. 26, McCommon sent multiple text messages to the victim warning he would “regret doing this,” police said.

They said McCommon first sent a code word the two had established to confirm the victim was alone — one she allegedly used to send him nude photographs through Snapchat.

Police said she admitted to having a sexual encounter with the victim using the same number.

To stay under the radar, McCommon used a “Trac phone” or “throw phone” to harass the victim, Turner said, according to WREG.  “It’s a phone that does not have the normal filings through Verizon, T-Mobile, something like that,” the chief said.

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McCommon is being held without bond.

The alleged child rapist’s name is apt. There’s always been horror in the world, but it is becoming more and more common.

It’s not surprising that a sex offender would use technology to groom victims, as police say McCommon did. In 2021, British researchers found a record amount of child sexual abuse material online, according to Wired. It rose a shocking 64 percent from 2020. The researchers also found “a significant uptick in the amount CSAM hosted in the United States.”

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The U.K.’s Sky News published an article Wednesday titled, “‘Sickening rise’ in AI-generated child sex abuse images ‘inciting paedophiles to commit more crimes.'” The headline is self-explanatory.

We are under attack by diabolical forces. To deny it is to close your eyes and cover your ears.

We’ve created a perfect hunting ground for evil to stalk the world in search of innocent souls. McCommon’s case is one example among far too many.

Sadly, it is to be expected. In a country that openly promotes moral relativism, has a wide open border with Mexico where human trafficking is, well, common, and technology has allowed evil to pollute countless minds at wildly unprecedented rates, the steep moral decline shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The powers that be should have seen it coming and tried to at least curb it. If they did try, they failed.

Today we have a radically pro-abortion LGBT woman entering the Senate, a Supreme Court justice who can’t define what a woman is, and a Catholic president who is a serial liar and celebrates the culture of death — abortion and moral license — rather than fighting it. When Catholic priests openly advocate blessing same-sex couples without mentioning repentance, you know you’re living in a horror novel.

You can no longer trust our institutions or the people who inhabit them.

Yes, there are many — I would suggest a lot more — good people than bad, but it has become increasingly difficult to know who is on which side. For the average American, the lines have been blurred to such an extent that one man’s good is another’s evil. And then they’re told that’s OK. It’s all relative.

The result? Doubt prevails. Doubt is a mental disease that drains the spirit and poisons the heart. It’s a favorite weapon of academics and leftists who are out to destroy Western civilization. It looks like they’re doing a pretty good job.

It’s not too late, though. John Stuart Mill said it best: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

What are you waiting for?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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