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Ted Cruz Makes Interesting Statement About 2024

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The speculation continues to grow regarding the 2024 presidential election, even as the 2022 midterms continue to loom just over the horizon.

For the GOP, the most pertinent questions remains:  Will Donald Trump run again?  And, if so, an equally important query about the timing of his potential announcement remains at large.

This known unknown has been tempering the rhetoric of other potential candidates as well, but a few hints have been dropping over the course of the last several months.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the latest to add his name to the murky pot of possibilities…but only once we know Trump’s plans.

“Everyone is going to wait and see what Donald Trump decides and make decisions from there,” GOP Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News at a CPAC event in Dallas, when asked if he would run again. Trump, of course, has not announced whether he intends to seek re-election. He’s been sounding very much like a candidate of late, though one major poll suggests most Republican voters would prefer that somebody else be their candidate.

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The rumor mill has been swirling of late, and there is a rather sizable list of names out there who may be considering a run themselves.

As Axios notes, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has emerged as the clear No. 2 to Trump in the current polls. DeSantis also has not said whether he will run. Other names in the mix include Nikki Haley and two figures now seen as Trump political enemies—Mike Pence and Liz Cheney.

Cruz deferring to Trump will likely keep him in the former President’s good graces – something that could come in mighty handy if The Don returns to the campaign trail.

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