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Territories Annexed 'Forever' Already Back Under Ukrainian Control

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The thorough, global humiliation of Vladimir Putin continues this week, as Ukraine sends a deafening retort to the Kremlin just days after the shame “annexation” of several occupied territories.

From the onset of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has outgunned, outmanned, and outsmarted Putin’s most “brilliant” military minds, forcing the army to spend 8 months attempting to occupy slivers of the country when they believed that Kyiv would have fallen in 72 hours.

Now, just days after Russia announced that they would be annexing a number of regions of Ukraine “forever”, a large swath of that stolen land is back under Ukrainian control.

Ukrainian forces appeared to make sweeping new gains Monday, piling pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin as the Kremlin faced growing domestic unease over the state of its struggling military and the chaotic efforts to reinforce it.

Kyiv’s troops were pushing forward in the country’s east and south, threatening a major new breakthrough and forcing Putin’s soldiers to retreat from territory he claimed to have annexed in a grand ceremony last week.

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The trouble came hot and heavy for Russian soldiers.

Moscow said its troops abandoned Lyman over the weekend to avoid encirclement, with Western officials and observers hailing Ukraine’s recapture of the city in the eastern Donetsk region as a significant development that could pave the way for further advances.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said his military had retaken two settlements in the southern Kherson region. “The successes of our soldiers are not limited to Lyman,” he said in a statement on Telegram on Sunday.

Russia has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons in their illegal invasion, and this desperate annexation stunt’s abject failure could put Putin’s finger ever closer to that trigger.

Should Putin make such an unprecedented decision, there is little doubt that the west would soon decimate the Kremlin’s entire fighting force.


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