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Texas Governor Puts Biden in His Place Over Border Chaos

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From the very moment that Joe Biden was elected President back in 2020, there were fears among conservatives that this could bring a massive surge in illegal immigration to America.

This was due to the perceived leniency of a Democratic president with a Democratic majority in Congress when it comes to migrants crossing the border into the United States – especially when compared to Biden’s predecessor, the notorious border hawk Donald Trump.

Now, as the Biden administration continues to deny that their policies will have any effect on this “seasonal” surge, the governor of Texas is refuting that notion...strongly.

President Biden has abandoned the rule of law at the U.S.-Mexico border amid the migrant crisis, sending costs for border security soaring in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said Sunday.

Abbott told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo that the “root cause” of the record number of migrants entering the U.S. is because of the “lack of border security.”

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“It shows that President Biden’s approach to this is to abandon the rule of law,” Abbott said of the migrant surge and Biden’s immigration policies.

And then…

“Our state legislature, they allocate about $800 million every two years for the state to pay for this,” Abbott said of securing the border. “This year, because of the extended time that we will have the National Guard on the border, it likely will clearly exceed a billion dollars for the state to have to secure the United States of America.”

Abbott said border security is only one of the many costs to the state, with others being health care, education and law enforcement. These costs will also affect other states where gangs and human traffickers go after crossing the border with migrants, the governor added.

“The first 100 days of the Biden administration, they’ve been great for the cartels, for the gangs, for the human traffickers who have been exploiting the borders,” he said.

Texas has long been one of the states most-effected by immigration, both of the legal and extralegal varieties, so when the Lone Star State leaderships speaks on the subject, the nation would be wise to listen.

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