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Texas Republican Takes Bizarre, Anti-Humanitarian Stance on Border Crisis

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There is strange and uncouth disconnect occurring on the left side of American politics as it pertains to the reality of the situation at the border.

You see, the liberals love to play the “bleeding heart” card, using their outward-facing “compassion” in order to claim the moral high ground on any number of issues, regardless of their stance politically.  At no other time in history has this been more true than it is now, as the left continents to wallow in the mud in ways that few other political parties could dare dream to.

In the name of “resistance”, the left will do and say that darnedest things.  One needn’t look any further than the horrific and erroneous treatment of a young high schooler in recent days, as the leftist media selectively edited several videos and photographs in order paint the teenager as some sort of supreme bigot, in order to get a sense of their classless, baseless attacks.

Now, however, it seems as though this “resistance at all costs” schtick is spreading to the GOP as well.

Texas Rep. Will Hurd, a Republican, is familiar with the country’s southern border; his district spans more than 800 miles of it. But when it comes to a border wall, Hurd isn’t fully on board.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Hurd, 41, denied President Trump’s claim there is a “crisis” at the border, calling it a “myth” and contending a concrete wall is a “3rd-century solution to a 21st-century problem.”

“This is an issue that has transcended multiple administrations. I think $67 billion of drugs coming into our country is a crisis. Now, I also think when you think of a crisis that means people are afraid to leave their homes, right?” Hurd told the magazine. “El Paso is one of the safest cities in the United States of America. The same can be said about Del Rio, Presidio and Eagle Pass, places I represent.”

“When I crisscross my district, the thing I hear the most, people are like, ‘We need workers.’ Whether it’s agriculture or artificial intelligence, we need workers. Why aren’t we also talking about streamlining this immigration process so that we get people here legally who are going to contribute to our economy?” he continued. “It’s a problem that needs to be solved. I think it requires us to be cool, level-headed and talk about these solutions.”

What is so utterly disturbing about Hurd’s comments are that they completely ignore the near-constant stream of tragic news that we receive from the border.

Children, as well as adults, are literally dying after choosing to take a massive march through Mexico in order to reach America, via legal or illegal immigration.  These tragedies are real, and comments such as those by Congressman Hurd completely ignore the human consequences of such actions.

Hurd has effectively determined that these lives do not matter, just so long as he gets a chance to vilify the President of the United States.

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