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Texas Sends Migrant Bus to Home of Vice President Harris Over Christmas Weekend

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With the liberal left in Washington DC still unable to wrap their heads around the trouble that is occurring on the southern border of the United States, lawmakers in the region have begun executing a rather convincing and poignant advocacy campaign in which migrants are being relocated to Democratically-significant locales in order to spread awareness of the plight of border towns in the southern US.

This week, as Christmas came fully into view, Texas Governor Greg Abbott continued his work on the cause, targeting the “border czar” herself.

Three buses carrying migrants from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C., late Saturday evening, including one which dropped its passengers near the home of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) is the official residence of the vice president of the United States and the Christmas Eve dropoff is the latest of several instances in which Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bussed migrants to Washington, D.C.

The migrants were then helped by the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network and taken to a local church, according to 7News reporter Christian Flores.

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Abbott had no qualms about placing the blame directly at the administration’s feet.

In a letter Abbott sent to President Biden on Tuesday, the Texas governor cited freezing temperatures in cities like El Paso as his reason to transport the migrants as migrant housing facilities already at capacity have been forced to release people outside onto the streets.

“Your policies will leave many people in the bitter, dangerous cold as a polar vortex moves into Texas,” Abbott wrote. “Texas has borne a lopsided burden caused by your open border policies.”

Harris’ inability, (0r potential unwillingness), to address the issues at the southern border have been extremely frustrating for those affected by the left’s lax policies, and with 40,000 more migrants preparing to head north, the Vice President is running out of time to right the ship.

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