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Thanks, David Hogg: NRA Convention Attendance Skyrockets, Gun Haters are Going to Freak

Gun haters are going to need a box of tissues today.



One of the liberal anti-gun talking points that has been making the rounds ever since the horrific shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, is that the vast majority of the country is in favor of strict gun control laws being put on the books.

This has been largely exaggerated and the recent explosion in attendance at the National Rifle Association’s annual conference is proof that the gun hating left is actually creating more Second Amendment advocates and supporters each and every day.

After seeing these numbers, the NRA should give a huge shoutout to Parkland survivor and obnoxious gun control advocate David Hogg. Without him and his lackeys protesting across the country, this might not have happened.

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Folks on Twitter responded to Loesch’s tweet by noting that all of these gun rights supporters — most of which were carrying — gathered in one place with guns aplenty and not a single shot was fired.

The left has perpetuated the myth that anyone who is a gun enthusiast or who passionately believes the Second Amendment right to own a gun is essential to life and liberty is some sort of homegrown terrorist nutjob.

Obviously, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost a hundred thousand people, all likely with guns, came together in one place without a single incident. These are good, law abiding citizens who simply care about their God-given rights and just want to exercise their right to protect themselves.

These people aren’t criminals who go out looking to spill as much blood as possible, despite what you might hear from the mainstream media.

There’s no doubt going to be some disappointed anti-gun folk today.

Source: Twitchy

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